Unitas Malacologica is the society for worldwide malacologists and malacology. Our aim is to further the study of Mollusca by individuals, societies and institutions worldwide.

UM Council

2025 Congress
The next UM Congress will be hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil from 4-7 August 2025.

The UM Newsletter is back!
Back by popular demand, the UM Newsletter has been resurrected as of spring 2023!

Lenita de Freitas Tallarico
Instituto Butantan, Brazil

Yasunori Kano
University of Tokyo, Japan

Bernhard Ruthensteiner
SNSB Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, Germany

Past President
Gerhard Haszprunar
Bavarian State Scientific Collections (SNSB), Germany

Members of Council

Tauana Junqueira Cunha
Field Museum, USA

Andrzej Kaim
Institute of Paleobiology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Kevin Kocot
University of Alabama, USA

Carmel McDougall
Griffith University, Australia

A statement from the Unitas Malacological Council dated 14 March 2022: We, the council of UNITAS Malacologica, express our severe shock over the current situation in the Ukraine. As representatives of the malacological community, we strongly condemn the invasion, which has had a devastating impact on the people and infrastructure of Ukraine. We express our sympathy for the suffering of the Ukrainian people and deplore the ongoing loss of life. We denounce the deliberate destruction of civil infrastructure, including of scientific and research objects. We offer our support to our scientific colleagues who have been touched by the conflict and our fellow scientific institutions in the Ukraine. We call for a rapid and peaceful end to the conflict.

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